Audio visual experiments in remote viewing

East-Southwest Projects is an etheric laboratory established in order to combine principles of parapsychological experimentation with the aural and visual arts. According to the principles of the project, painter Astrid Cravens and musician, Paul Hoodlum, attempt telepathic experiments of remote-viewing as initially described in Mental Radio, a surprising and non-canonical non-fiction work by novelist Upton Sinclair

In this work, Sinclair describes how a subject isolated in a room and asked to concentrate on an object (while a second subject is in a separate location) might then attempt to telepathically "receive" an image of the object, and draw a sketch thereof.

We took these initial concepts and applied them to our respective practices. The intention was to form a connection whether parapsychologically or inductively between the pieces we created, telepathically sending and receiving impressions to be recorded in the media available to us. We coordinated specific times (durations of one hour per working session) and locations remote from one another: Hoodlum creating original electronic music compositions in one location and Cravens creating a visual work (aquatints on paper) in a separate locale. We coordinated stop and start times via text message or email. At the end of each creative transmission, we uploaded our work to send to one another right away, after which the works were displayed on the East-Southwest website for viewer feedback and storage. A third collaborator, musician Knox Chandler, recently joined the team, contributing further musical elements from Berlin, Germany. Hoodlum and Chandler create audio pieces simultaneously, while Cravens paints. The audio pieces are then mixed together. The results of this tripartite collaboration, ARK, have been a powerful and enriching experience.